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Bespoke, be you.

Ivy Masterpiece is a bespoke fine jewellery house from Singapore with more than 40 years of creating magical jewellery experiences for our clients and a strong passion for the handmade. Our creations feature hand-forged pieces of wonderfully lush gemstones in ethically sourced gold.

Apart from our ready to wear collections, we design and handcraft our bespoke pieces with the impetus of personifying the individuality of our clients, balancing both form and function. Each piece is carefully created through both traditional and modern techniques, beginning first with day-dreams, sketches and natural gemstones. 

At Ivy Masterpiece we offer you the magical, exclusive experience of creating your dream bespoke pieces with our crafters. 

We work closely with our clients to craft unique, custom, magical pieces of engagement rings, wedding bands and other pieces of fine jewelry.  


Ethical Jewellery 

A smidgen of magic, ethical metals, and jewels sourced with love.

Ivy Masterpiece is proud to create every handmade talisman with domestically refined fine metals, along with natural diamond melee traced back to their mines of origin, each diamond is carefully picked and sorted by hand. 


Precious and semi-precious gems are meticulously selected for their spark and soul from suppliers that Ivy Masterpiece is not only honored to call friends, but who have also worked with Ivy Masterpiece throughout the years to ensure ethical tokens of wanderlust and love.

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